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What to Look for in an Engagement Ring

  • 8 mins
There are many factors to consider when picking out the perfect engagement ring or wedding band. At Faithful Platform , we want to help you find the perfect ring for every occasion. We understand the world of rings, and we want you to be delighted with your choice.


The Style of the Wearer

Whether you are picking a ring for your partner or yourself, it is crucial to consider the style of the ring. Every single other decision you make will start here. Ask your partner questions to determine what they like. Consider how they dress and how they decorate. Look at other rings they currently own and regularly wear. Think about other jewelry that they like or that you have gifted to them in the past. Asking friends and family for advice during this step can also be helpful. You want to find out as much as you can before shopping for a ring.

The Ring Size

It is imperative to know the exact size you want when ring shopping. Resizing a ring is possible, but the process can decrease the ring's durability. Especially if you are working with our design team to create a custom ring, you want to know the size. You can get the ring size from a ring they currently wear or by having them sized by a jeweler. Do not use guesswork. An incorrectly sized ring can lead to all sorts of problems.

The Metal

Several metal options are available for engagement rings and wedding bands, and the choices will largely depend on the style, price, and durability.


Gold is the most prevalent metal for jewelry, and with good reason. There are several color options— yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, and they are notably durable. The lower karat golds are more durable and still provide that stunning gold coloring.


Platinum is a much rarer metal and, as a result, is one of the most expensive options, but the longevity makes it worth it. Often rings of silver or white gold will have platinum prongs as it is better equipped to handle regular wear and tear.


This metal looks like platinum and is similarly durable and shiny. However, it is much harder to resize, making it a tricky choice.

Sterling Silver

One of the oldest metals used in jewelry making, sterling silver is also the most affordable option. It does require more cleaning and polishing than other options, but it can be easily resized. We don't typically recommend or use sterling silver for our engagement rings, but it is a great choice for other jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets.


This unique lightweight metal is incredibly strong and requires very little upkeep. However, it's important to keep in mind that it can't be resized.


This metal has a relatively low cost and incredible durability. It also cannot be resized and works best for plain wedding bands.

The Stone

When choosing a stone to set into your ring, you must consider several things:

Hardness Scale

Diamonds are the most popular, but they are far from the only option. You want to choose a stone that is 7.5 or above on the Mohs Hardness Scale to avoid scratches. Selecting a colorful gemstone like sapphire, emerald, ruby, aquamarine, or topaz can create a unique engagement ring look, especially as color variation can create a one-of-a-kind gemstone.


When shopping for a stone, you want to consider the clarity. The higher the clarity, the better. Higher clarity means fewer fractures, blemishes, and inclusions (materials trapped inside the gemstone). Some gems, like emeralds, naturally have more inclusions, but you can find most with eye-clear varieties, which means the inclusions aren't visible to the naked eye. Inclusions can weaken the integrity of a diamond, so you want to make sure your diamonds are higher on the clarity scale.

Carat Weight

The carat weight determines the size of the stone. It is important to remember that it is often easier, and less expensive to find a larger color gemstone than find a larger diamond.


The shape of a stone is the outline when viewed from the top. The most common stone shape is round, but other options include marquise, oval, pear, teardrop, rectangle, square, diamond, and heart.


Sometimes confused with the shape, the cut is actually how many facets are in the gem and how they are arranged. The three most common are the brilliant cut, the step cut, and the mixed cut. Different cuts result in varying levels of sparkle and shine.


The setting is how the stones are arranged on the ring. The most common settings are solitaire, halo, three stone, pave, and bezel. However, there are many setting options to consider, and you can keep looking for one that speaks to you.

The Price

Arguably the most important thing after the size of the ring is the price. When purchasing an engagement ring or wedding band, you need to consider your budget. That is where Faithful Platform comes in. No matter what sort of style, size, metal, or stone you are looking for, we can find the ring of your dreams. And if for some reason we can't find the ring, we can custom-make it.

We work directly with jewelry and gemstone supplies to provide the highest quality custom engagement rings and wedding bands for a fraction of the price of other jewelry stores. If you want the best deal on the best ring, contact us today to get a free quote. We proudly serve the entire United States through our online platform.