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Your Engagement Ring Style Guide & How to Choose the Right One

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Let’s not sugarcoat it—choosing an engagement ring can be quite stress-inducing. You’re probably already nervous about the proposal itself, so the added pressure of finding a ring your partner will absolutely adore can feel overwhelming. But breathe, you’ve got this!


Start by overcoming one of the biggest obstacles to buying the perfect engagement ring—a lack of knowledge. Use this guide to familiarize yourself with different engagement ring styles, and you’ll be one step closer to making a confident decision that will delight your soon-to-be-fiancée.


Key Takeaways

  • While the ring industry is always changing, there are 6 major engagement ring styles to consider: solitaire, three-stone, halo, pavé, vintage, and modern.
  • In order to choose the right ring style for your future wife, consider her personality, lifestyle, and preferences. Don’t be afraid to speak with her directly or a jewelry consultant to ensure the ring is beautiful and practical while complementing her everyday life.
  • With the right style in mind, you can make the ring even more special by opting for a custom-made one that better reflects your unique love story.

What Are the Different Engagement Ring Styles?

The wedding ring market is constantly changing. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are countless engagement ring styles to choose from. But not all of these styles have transcended time and become iconic symbols of love and commitment. So, this guide will only focus on popular engagement ring settings and styles, which are, of course, popular for a good reason.


Solitaire Ring


In the world of engagement rings, it doesn’t get more timeless than the solitaire engagement ring. Simply put, these rings will never go out of style.

But what makes solitaire engagement rings so special? The answer lies in the three “S’s.” Simplicity. Sophistication. Symbolism.

As its name suggests, the solitaire setting features a single, prominent diamond (or gemstone), typically set in a plain metal band. So simple, yet so effective. This style allows the center stone to be the star of the show. As for the symbolism, a solitaire engagement ring sends a clear message—you’ve found “the one” you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. Talk about a powerful statement of love and commitment!


Three-Stone Ring


Three-stone engagement rings are another classic choice. Again, the name is pretty self-explanatory. You get not one but three beautiful stones to admire. However, there’s still a prominent center stone flanked by two smaller accent stones.

Think of this engagement ring style as a slightly more elaborate version of the solitaire ring. You still get the timeless simplicity of a solitaire setting but with added sparkle. This engagement ring style also brims with symbolism, with the center stone typically representing the present and the side stones representing the past and future of your relationship.


Halo Ring


A halo engagement ring is truly an angelic style. It typically features a prominent center diamond fully surrounded by a halo of smaller stones. This engagement ring style has everything—the brilliance, the drama, and the romance. That’s why it’s perfect for feminine women whose shine never dulls.

The best thing about this engagement ring setting is that it comes in a few sub-styles, so you can truly nail down the perfect ring for your partner. 

If your fiancée-to-be loves the look of a solitaire ring but desires more shine, consider purchasing a single halo engagement ring. This style eliminates the gap between the center stone and the surrounding stones, creating a seamless, continuous sparkle. 


If you need to amp up the drama, go for a double halo ring, which features an additional row of smaller stones around the centerpiece. This makes the center stone appear significantly larger while adding glamour to the entire ring.


Pavé Ring


Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. That’s what a pavé engagement ring is all about. 

This glamorous engagement ring setting often features a prominent diamond in the center and a whole host of smaller diamonds set closely together down the ring’s band. This placement creates a dazzling, diamond-encrusted look that sparkles from every angle. This description also perfectly captures the ideal recipient of this ring—someone who loves all things sparkly and wants a ring that truly shines. 


Modern Ring


Is your fiancée-to-be all about living in the present, not the past? If so, modern engagement ring settings might be more up her alley. 

These styles feature clean lines, sculptural details, and sleek silhouettes, and they all have a single goal—to make a statement. Styles like the floating solitaire, double-band, Toi et Moi, or split-shank rings are perfect for future brides who aren’t particularly traditional and prefer to stand out.


Vintage Ring


There have been countless beautiful love stories in the past, many of which have inspired some of the most remarkable artworks. These love stories have also inspired some of the most stunning engagement ring styles. Styles you can still get today in the form of vintage engagement rings. 

Vintage engagement rings ooze charm, character, and history. They’re perfect for individuals always looking for a deeper meaning in everything they do and yearning for the romance and elegance of a bygone era.  Whether your future spouse is drawn to the intricate filigree of the Edwardian era or the bold, geometric designs of the Art Deco period, a vintage engagement ring will take her breath away.


Understanding More about Engagement Ring Styles

Choosing the overall style of the engagement ring is just the beginning. From there, you can choose the gemstones used for the ring (e.g., type and color), the metal for the band, and any additional embellishments. 

A diamond engagement ring is undoubtedly the most sought-after style, but you can always spice things up with other precious gemstones on the side (e.g., sapphires, rubies, or emeralds).

As far as the metal for the band goes, the most popular options are white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Besides their appearance (and color), these metals differ in durability, cost, and hypoallergenic properties, so make sure to thoroughly research which option will suit your future wife the most.



How to Choose the Right Style For Her

Now that you understand what your choices are, use these tips to help you out with this important decision.

#1 Analyze Your Girlfriend’s Personality and Style

There are few people in the world who know your partner better than you do. So, use this knowledge to your advantage. 

Think about her personality. Is she friendly and outgoing, or does she tend to keep to herself? Does she like to play it safe or stand out from the crowd? Answering these and similar questions first should point you in the right direction from the get-go.


#2 - Consider Her Lifestyle

An engagement ring is a lifelong commitment. Your partner will likely wear it daily, so you should ensure she has no issues doing so. 

For instance, individuals who lead an active lifestyle will benefit from an engagement ring in a bezel setting, as it offers more protection and is less likely to snag on clothing. The same goes for diamond shapes without strong angles, which won’t be easily chipped during activities

In contrast, a cathedral setting is prone to catching on clothing and other objects due to its raised design, making it unsuitable for people with active lifestyles. 


#3 - Don’t Forget about the Technicalities

Sure, you want to find a ring that your girlfriend will love aesthetically. However, the ring in question should also fit your partner properly. And we aren’t just talking about the ring size!

You should consider factors like finger proportions and skin tone as well.

For example, a fine, narrow ring with a marquise-shaped stone is the perfect choice for a woman with petite fingers. This ring will visually elongate her fingers and create a balanced look. Similarly, women with wide fingers will look the best with three-stone or cluster designs. These designs will help fill the space more effectively, drawing attention away from the width of the fingers. 


As for the skin tone, it’ll mostly impact the choice of the band’s metal. White-colored metals like platinum and white gold suit cooler skin tones, while yellow gold does wonders for their warmer counterparts. 


#4 - Ask Her What She's Looking For

That’s right; you read that correctly. If you’re stressed about making the right decision, just ask your partner about her preferences! 

After all, she will be the one wearing the ring every day. Sure, this might lessen the element of surprise, but it will ensure your future wife loves the ring she’ll wear for a lifetime.


#5 - Consult a Professional

Either way (whether you consult with your girlfriend or not), you should definitely speak with a jewelry expert, like the team at Faithful Platform

As seasoned professionals in the jewelry industry (who are also intentional about helping you save on the ring and invest in the marriage), we’re here to educate and walk you through every step of the way. So, you’ll be able to find the best engagement ring style for your loved one.



Why It’s Worth Considering a Custom Engagement Ring

There’s another choice you’ll have to make in the sea of decisions related to engagement ring shopping. Will you purchase an existing engagement ring or have it custom-made?

Though the second option might take more time or cost slightly more, it’s by far the superior option. Why?

Well, proposing with a custom-made ring is like writing your partner a song for Valentine’s Day, while going with a franchise jewelry store is like playing her a hit single from the radio. Sure, the single in question might be endlessly romantic, but it’s a song millions of other women have heard. A custom-made engagement ring, like the self-written song, is one of a kind.

Even better, it’s made precisely to her wishes, allowing you to include details significant to your love story. Having an engagement ring custom-made shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile, which is a wonderful way to start your life together.



Find the Right Ring at an Affordable Price with Faithful Platform

Though custom-made engagement rings tend to cost more than their mass-produced counterparts, this isn’t always the case. Faithful Platform demonstrates this in practice.

Faithful Platform has eliminated the traditional brick-and-mortar approach to ring shopping, nurtures a direct relationship with industry-leading suppliers, and is simply committed to getting the best price for our clients. As a result, you can create the engagement ring of your dreams from scratch without breaking the bank. 

Sounds incredible, right? So, there’s no need to wait; request a free quote to learn more or get started. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many types of engagement rings are there?

Traditionally, there are 6 major types of engagement rings: solitaire, three-stone, halo, pavé, vintage, and modern. However, because the world of engagement rings is diverse and ever-evolving, the official number of engagement ring types might depend on who exactly you ask.


What is the most popular engagement ring style?

When it comes to popularity, the solitaire engagement ring takes the crown. This timeless style has been a favorite for generations, and for good reason. The solitaire setting features a single, prominent diamond on a plain metal band—embodying simplicity, sophistication, and symbolism.


What style should an engagement ring be?

There’s no one-size-fits-all style that a ring “should be.” Each style has its own symbolism and significance, so it’s truly up to you to choose what style to go with based on what your girlfriend likes and will cherish forever. No matter where you are in the process, feel free to reach out to us for expert insight into your unique situation.


How to pick out an engagement ring?

Picking out an engagement ring might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Start by considering your girlfriend’s personality and fashion sense, and then don’t be afraid to ask her what exactly she’s looking for. After all, she is the one that’s going to wear it every day! From there, you can consult with a jewelry professional to craft a beautiful engagement ring that’s tailored exactly to your and your future wife’s preference.