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When NOT to Wear Your Engagement Ring

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Ensure Lifelong Sparkle and Endurance


The last thing you want to do after becoming engaged or married is think about taking your ring off! However, there are quite a few scenarios in which taking off your ring may serve it (and ultimately you) better in the long run. Even if you don’t want to be without your beautiful engagement ring, there are great alternatives that will do a phenomenal job holding its place until you are out of those potentially damaging situations. While we always encourage our clients to purchase ring insurance through Jeweler’s Mutual or add it to their homeowner's insurance policy to ensure they are covered in the case of accidental damage, loss, or theft, there are other ways to help prevent these situations.


It is wise to protect what is of most value in your ring, your center stone! Safeguarding your ring will help protect your metal band and prongs which are meant to keep your center stone (and accent stones if you have them) in place and not allow it to come loose. Precious metals are just that, precious! They are meant to last and keep your beautiful stones secure, but that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. It is crucial to make sure you are cautious when working with your hands, removing your ring when necessary, and keeping it properly cleaned and regularly serviced to not only ensure it doesn’t get damaged but also keep it sparkling. Continue reading to learn more about the top 10 scenarios in which you should avoid wearing your ring!


The top 10 times you should avoid wearing your engagement ring...


The hard metal dumbbells, weight bars, barbells, and the like can scratch your band. Your fingers likely swell during exercise as well (especially cardio) and can cause unnecessary, excess pressure to be put on the band. Too much of this can cause the band to stretch which can limit its integrity in securing your stones. If your fingers swell too much too fast, you can also put your fingers in a potentially dangerous situation. 
Bent Head on Ring



Whether you're cooking, baking, or cleaning the dishes, tiny food particles and seasonings can weasel their way into your prongs causing them to get stuck in your ring. These particles can also cause your center stone to look dull and dirty. Kneading dough while baking also creates a situation susceptible to food particles getting lodged in your dazzling ring. When washing your dishes, dish soap can cause your ring to become slick on your finger making it more vulnerable to sliding off while doing your chores.


Soaps and conditioners not only allow the ring an easier opportunity to slide off your finger while getting squeaky clean in the bath or shower, but the chemicals used in some soaps, creams, and hair products can also cause reactions with the metal of your ring which can inhibit the integrity of your prongs and bands.


Summertime and tropical vacations can be some of the most exciting times to wear your ring! Your center stone always looks amazing in sunlight; however, these times can be the hardest on your fine jewelry. This is mainly due to the chemicals found in sunscreens and pool supplies. While the chemicals can cause deterioration to your ring, cool water can also cause your fingers to shrink, potentially leading to your ring slipping off while you’re enjoying the sun and water. You may have luck spotting your ring in a pool, but in the ocean or lake…good luck! 
Metal Deterioration from Chemical Exposure



While using your hands to tidy up your landscaping, potted plants, or window boxes, it may be wise to wear gardening gloves if you don’t want to remove your rings. Not only can the dirt and grime of gardening cause damage and dullness to your ring, but the contact of your ring with the gardening tools can also impact the solidarity of your band.


Did you know that your fingers swell while you sleep? This unnecessary extended pressure can alter the shape and structure of your ring. Your ring can also easily get entwined in the threads of your sheets and blankets causing more wear and tear on your prongs. It may feel strange to remove it when sleeping, but it’s always best to protect its beauty! 
Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 10.37.47 AM



The chemicals in most home cleaning products can damage your metal bands and dull your sparkling diamond. Whenever it is time to use some elbow grease and clean your oven, avoid wearing your ring and put it in a protected place until you finish cleaning. You’re also probably using your hands for the majority of your housework. This heavy manual labor can also make your ring an easy target for potential dings and damage while trying to tidy up!  
Head of Ring Snapped off of Shank


Operating Heavy Machinery

If you have a career/hobby in which you work with heavy machinery or perform extensive manual labor and don’t like to go to work without your ring, opt for a silicone ring alternative! This intense work can cause cracks, breaks, or unseen damage to your band or prongs which could loosen your stones (or even break your center stone if it is of a softer quality).

Applying Lotions/Sunscreens/Oils/Hair or Beauty Products

It is common to apply lotions, hand sanitizers, perfumes, and much more to our bodies with our hands throughout the day. While it may seem tedious, it is always best to avoid wearing your fine jewelry before the application of such delicacies. Some of the chemicals and ingredients used in our products can temporarily taint the look of your diamond causing it to lose its sparkle until a proper cleaning takes place. They can also interfere with the makeup of the metal and impede its durability. 
 Lots of Gunk and Build Up



As tempting as it is to wear your beautiful rings while traveling (especially on your honeymoon) this is a common time when people lose or damage their rings (and occasionally even worse, sometimes get them stolen). As mentioned above, a silicone ring is a great alternative option to wear in place of your actual ring while traveling. It is also common to browse the thousands of different Amazon options for sterling silver and cubic zirconium rings that look similar to your ring - while they may not be identical since each of our rings is uniquely made, it will save you the stress of potentially losing or damaging your real ring!


No matter what happens, your rings can always be cleaned, repaired, and replaced if necessary! Why would you want to take them off? Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love and promise - of course, it is valid to want to keep them on at all times. As mentioned above, we always encourage our clients to purchase ring insurance through Jeweler’s Mutual or add their rings to their homeowner’s insurance policy. Accidents are bound to happen, so it is always comforting to have that peace of mind when you want to wear your rings in these situations. However, the number one way to ensure they are best kept accident-free is to avoid wearing them when in doubt and store them in a protected place! Opt for that alternative ring before your next big vacation, slip your rings off before you wash your car this weekend, and remember to avoid wearing them next time you bake are just a few ways to keep your rings in tip-top shape!


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