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Faithful Platform Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry

A Better Way to Shop for Fine Jewelry

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A piece by Faithful Platform Founder CEO, Austin Willard:

I am a third-generation jewelry store owner. My grandparents owned a store growing up, I have two aunts who owned stores, and my cousins have owned stores. We would spend the holidays talking about the family businesses around the dinner table. As I heard about the sliminess of the industry I began to dream about a better way.

Austin Willard, CEO and President of Faithful Platform

CEO and Founder of Faithful Platform

"Saving you money is what we do,
helping you find the perfect ring is
what we love!" - Austin Willard

Since starting this company in 2016, I've shared so many different stories, but one of my favorites to tell is about Jon from Arizona who reached out to us a couple of years ago.

Like many guys, Jon, went to a local retail store to purchase an engagement ring. He found the perfect ring! It was a simple 14K white gold oval halo diamond engagement ring. A beautiful ring that would represent his undying love for his future fiancé.

A few days after making his purchase he found Faithful Platform on Instagram. Out of curiosity, he requested a free quote through the website. He gave us the description of the engagement ring he had purchased from the retail store a few days prior. In less than 24 hours I sent him a quote for $3,000 on the exact same ring.

His response was “You have got to be kidding, I just paid that other jeweler $6,000.” Of course, most jewelry stores have a 30-day refund policy, so he was more than willing to take the ring to the store and ask for his money back.

Like any good salesperson would, they asked him why he changed his mind. He told them about the deal he was getting with me and they dropped their price on the spot to $3,000. He still returned his ring and went with Faithful Platform.

Did Faithful Platform deliver the exact same ring to the client? Yes!

Did Faithful Platform literally save the client $3,000? Yes!

Can we do the same for you? Yes!